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Ultimately we want to produce multiple seasons of a TV series that picks up where the movie ends. The show would take place on several continents, as our lady hero from Down Under—and maybe even her new American friends—attempts to quench her wanderlust and spreads the Green Thumbs concept around the world.

Our ultimate goal is to help this idea catch fire, the way yellow Livestrong bracelets became ubiquitous a few years ago. But instead of raising awareness for cancer, Green Thumbs will help spark a global outbreak of empathy, kindness and listening. That's all.

We've shot a full-length narrative feature film and are currently looking to raise funds to finish the movie. Once funding is secure, we'll finish the film and submit to as many festivals as possible. By this point, we also intend to have 7 half-hour episodes written, which we'll use to find additional funding and producing partners to make Season 1 of Green Thumbs—the TV series. In the meantime, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel here to keep updated on our movie release dates.




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